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Offering Superior Engineering Design and Production

PCB CAD Layout

Our commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget allows us to serve all segments of the PCB industry with extraordinary skill. Our experience, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment give us a competitive edge in designs for analog, backplane, digital, high density, high speed, power supplies and RF/Wireless. Each of our circuit board designs comes with a PCB Design with Valor verification.


In recent years, vehicle manufacturing has witnessed transformative technological advancements, with printed circuit boards (PCBs) emerging as a prominent innovation. PCBs in vehicles serve a dual purpose, providing mechanical support and electrical connections to various components. Beyond automobiles, PCBs find application in an array of electronic devices, including computers, mobile phones, and televisions. In vehicles, PCBs play a critical role in ensuring safety through airbag deployment sensors and are integral to audio and video systems, global positioning systems (GPS), antilock brake systems, communication equipment, and more. Their popularity stems from their multifunctionality and the irreplaceable quality they offer, especially in limited vehicle spaces. PCBs are not only compact but also easily replicable, making them a convenient choice for the automotive industry, where they control various digital displays and enable efficient system commands, thus driving the automotive sector into a technology-driven future.

Circuit boards, often found in modern vehicles, serve as the electronic brains behind various functions, including safety systems and entertainment features. For vehicle windshields, circuit boards play a role in controlling advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that may be integrated into the windshield, such as rain sensors and lane-departure warning systems. Ensuring the proper functioning of these circuit boards during mobile windshield replacement is essential to maintain the vehicle’s safety and functionality.

Materials Procurement

pcb design serviceOur transparent approach to our client relationships requires us to communicate details of materials before we accept an award of a project. We can locate obsolete or hard-to-find components or recommend suitable alternates while we track manufacturer lot numbers to determine available supply. Our 44 years of purchasing power gives us access to world-class suppliers and enables us to procure materials with logistical expertise.


Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Our renowned commitment to quality stands as our cornerstone, and it provides the attention to detail, precise artistry and on-time delivery that our clients deserve. Our cable technicians hold IPC/WHMA-A-620A certification and can support a full spectrum of wire harness assembly requirements. We offer each client access to one-on-one interaction with our technicians to ensure the accuracy of our process that includes inspection and testing for continuity of every assembly.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

pcb design and assemblyOur responsiveness to clients’ business requirements includes meticulous attention to detail and the highest level of professionalism by our IPC certified staff. A custom production coordinator oversees each phase of every project to ensure our five-step visual inspection process. We apply the same efficiency for customers here in Arizona like Mike Crisci, in the United States or around the world.

The benefits of working with our IPC certified staff and state-of-the-art equipment ensure the accuracy and on-time delivery of PCB board assembly projects. We honor a commitment to fulfill orders for one unit or thousands. Our clients may provide components or save money by letting us use our purchasing power to obtain materials. The long-term relationships that we have with some of the industry’s best fabricated board suppliers ensure the build of a quality PCB assembly every time.

Test Solutions

Our process provides a one-stop service from engineering concept to completion of testing under one roof. Our test engineers can design a testing solution for each project, and we welcome clients to supply one for us to apply and document the results. We offer masterful skill in test strategy development that minimizes the debug time and helps move prototypes through the development phase.

System Builds

While our financial position may qualify us as a large company, we pay attention to details that characterize smaller enterprises. We offer complete system builds and box build solutions with resources that include off-the-shelf components, our in-house mills and an outstanding staff of technical experts.


Our engineering design team can repair boards that need a simple fix or a sophisticated edit. Our rework technicians can remove and replace BGAs, CCGAs, CSPs, Interposers, LGAs, QFNs, Specialized Pin Adapters, Package on Package (PoP) type connectors and u-BGAs. With our 3D X-ray inspection, we can ensure tests for the integrity of even the smallest or most complex board.