pcb assembly service

Offering Operational Excellence

Our pursuit of excellence, innovation, quality and customer service allows us to offer exceptional products that directly affect our clients’ bottom line. We focus on providing expertise that benefits the aerospace, automotive, communications, government and military, industrial, medical and semiconductor industries.

Commitment to Quality

Our position as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of prototypes and production circuit board assemblies allows us to honor a commitment to exceptional and unparalleled quality in our products. We adopt the practice of continual improvement that ensures the superior level of service that satisfies the requirements of our clients.

Sharing a Vision

pcb design From the date of our founding in 1976, we envisioned our company in its present position that keeps us on the leading edge of technology. The global recognition that we envision establishes MJS Designs as the most highly trusted Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider with abilities that ensure a competitive edge for our clients. Our hands-on approach to delivering advanced technology distinguishes us from our competition.


Dedication to a Mission

We see our mission as an enduring responsibility to enable our clients to achieve business goals in the short term and over time. Our collaborative approach brings the full force of our technological excellence to bear on producing a product line of advanced, world-class design and manufacturing services. Our company president, Dawn Northrup, respects every client’s decision to make us their EMS “partner of choice.” She believes our hands-on approach that “assures every customer of a greater return on investment and a powerful competitive edge” sums up “what we do best.”